The DISCFLEX is a disc pack type coupling suitable for demanding industrial applications. The torque is transmitted through the coupling by means of tension and compression of the high strength stainless steel flexible disc elements.
High rotational speeds and high torque capacity within a small, lightweight package are major advantages of this product. In addition, the DISCFLEX coupling is a maintenance-free (e.g. no lubrication) design that can be used where torque synchronization is required such as rollout tables and similar applications. The DISCFLEX is also an alternative to elastomeric couplings in applications where the environmental conditions would be damaging to elastomeric materials. DISCFLEX couplings can withstand operating temperatures ranging from -50 °C to 150 °C. Finally, the DISCFLEX coupling complies with the requirements of API standards (see individual sections).
The DISCFLEX coupling is characterized by high torsional stiffness without backlash, high rotational speed capacity, high power transmission within limited dimensions and weight, and low axial and radial reaction forces. The flexible elements of the coupling are composed of stainless-steel membrane packages, which are engineered by state-of-the-art FEM analysis to guarantee the high misalignment capacities and torque transmission within the smallest footprint and low reaction forces. Its modular design allows quick and safe installation, while not requiring lubrication and reducing the maintenance time.

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    0.15 kNm - 17.56 kNm
  • Speed range [1/min]
    3,100.00 RPM - 19,500.00 RPM