Vocational orientation for pupils at VULKAN

Graduation, and then what? In order for graduating pupils to already have a certain professional orientation and to know approximately how it could go on after school, it can be helpful to get a taste of professional life already during school. To this end, under certain conditions, pupils can also spend individual internships or career exploration days such as Girls' & Boys' Day at VULKAN.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in a pupil internship at VULKAN, you can apply at jobs@vulkan.com.

You don't know exactly what you have to consider when applying? Our checklist will help you prepare your application documents. 

Please apply at least two months before you plan to start working at VULKAN! We will be happy to clarify everything else in a personal interview.  

In order to help pupils with their career orientation and to find the junior staff of tomorrow, VULKAN is also increasingly networking with schools in the area and presenting its own training program at career information fairs.