High-performance drive systems for mining and mineral processing

Many millions of tons of overburden and raw material have to be moved, processed and stored for the extraction of raw minerals. Here, gigantic drag lines and tunnel boring machines, conveyor systems, mobile and fixed crushers, vibrating and rotary screens, bucket wheel excavators, spreaders and stackers, scrapers, pumps and fans, special vehicles, reclaimers, separators and sorting plants and mills are often used. For these machines, this often means 24 hours of continuous operation, 365 days a year under extreme temperature and weather conditions, heavy soiling and high vibration loads. Powerful and reliable drive systems are indispensable here.

High performance and reliability
VULKAN meets the resulting requirements of machine and plant manufacturers with a product range characterized by high performance and reliability - even under the toughest conditions. In the case of these demanding drive systems, VULKAN has solutions that are optimally matched to the system environment.