Powerful propulsion systems for workboats

Under the generic term ‘work boats’, diverse types of boats are found starting with trawlers, tugboats, offshore supply vessels, inland navigation vessels, crew boats, fire-fighting boats up to icebreakers and dredgers.

What all these ship types have in common is that they operate in unrestricted heavy duty; i.e. the drive units are subjected to the greatest levels of stress and demand total reliability.

Ideal solutions for demanding drive units
VULKAN provides the ideal solution for all of these demanding drive units: integral shaft support with VULKASTIK L couplings in combination with cardan shafts, the VULKARDAN F series for resilient -mounted engines, as well as the well-proven RATO R and RATO S series for higher powered engines. The range is complemented by suitable engine mounts, and where long distances between drive train components have to be connected VULKAN composite shafts can do the job by reducing the number of bearing supports and by easy installation.