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Also as an experienced professional, VULKAN is the right place for you. Become part of the VULKAN family and contribute with your individual expertise to sustainably improve the systems of customers from all over the world and from a wide range of industries under the motto "We ensure that systems work better".    

Whether in production directly at the machine or in sales in direct customer contact, in purchasing, shipping, human resources or in accounting - VULKAN offers around 1,200 employees worldwide attractive and sustainable jobs with prospects, such as those of Sandra Tönnies and Jan-Philipp Feldmann. 

In the service of good quality

Sandra Tönnies is a trained optician and studied precision engineering. Before joining VULKAN, she gained experience as a quality manager at a medium-sized manufacturer of eyeglass lenses. Today she is Director Quality at VULKAN and leads a team of 16 employees who are committed to good quality.  

My career at VULKAN 

My journey at VULKAN began in September 2019, when I started in the Supplier Quality Engineer position. Here, my tasks included coordinating with our suppliers. This mainly involved the following questions: Do the delivered parts meet our quality requirements - and if not, where is the fault? Was it possible that our purchase requisition or drawing was not clear, or is the fault with the supplier? How do we ensure that the required parts will be delivered in the future in the quality that meets our requirements? I also conducted supplier audits and initial sample inspection of new parts. I then took up the vacant position of Director Quality in March 2021. 

This is what I am currently doing at VULKAN 

In my current position, my field of activity has expanded significantly: Now, in addition to supplier quality, it is also about production quality and computer-aided quality monitoring with Babtec (CAQ). Furthermore, I am responsible for the classification acceptance office and the quality management systems. In order to create more transparency, show defect rates and start an automatic complaint process, we have successfully implemented Babtec in mechanical production, vulcanization and incoming goods inspection as well as at VULKAN Lokring in the past three years. 

That's why I like working at VULKAN 

I like the cooperation in international teams. The exchange with other departments and locations as well as the management is always carried out in the highest degree of transparency and collegiality. I am happy that I have the chance to drive things forward, change and improve things at VULKAN.  

Strategic topics and new technologies in mechanical manufacturing

Jan-Philipp Feldmann trained as a technical draftsman and holds a bachelor's and master's degree in mechanical engineering. He first came into contact with VULKAN while working for a management consultancy. Today he is Head of Mechanical Manufacturing for VULKAN at the Herne location. 

My career at VULKAN 

I joined VULKAN in 2016 as a work planner. In this role, I planned the machines in Mechanical Manufacturing. The focus of my work was therefore on the following questions: On which machine can what be manufactured in which machining time? In the years that followed, I worked on various projects. The time re-economy project was about time recording in mechanical production, vulcanization and assembly. Another project focused on competitiveness. Among other things, this involved investigating how expensive a component is in in-house production. I was also involved in the implementation of new Mazak machines. In addition to my work in project groups, I have continuously furthered my education: For example, I did my REFA training to learn how to analyze, plan and optimize complex operational work processes and took part in a lean camp. 

This is what I am doing at VULKAN right now 

Since 2019, I have been in charge of Mechanical Production with 80 employees. This area also includes toolmaking and industrial training. My current job involves organizing the entire Mechanical Production department so that deadlines are met and quality remains at a high level. I also deal with many strategic issues in order to optimize processes and ensure competitive and future-proof operations. 

That's why I like working at VULKAN 

In my everyday working life at VULKAN, no two days are the same. If, for example, a machine breaks down, I have to react at short notice. This is what makes the work so exciting. It is also fun to work with different people and to see how employees develop. After all, personnel development is very important at VULKAN and you get the opportunity to continue your education. I always enjoy coming to work because I can deal with strategic issues and new technologies. I think it's great that I can accompany the development process of VULKAN and have already been involved in the introduction of some innovations. If you can also see progress and achieve success, the work is twice as much fun. 

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