Drive und braking systems for the pulp and paper industry

Food packaging, shopping bags, books, hygiene products. It is impossible to imagine everyday life without paper and pulp. Even though demand for printing paper is declining, this trend is more than compensated for by increasing demand for packaging and hygiene paper. 

Modern pulp & paper processing plants demand more and more products of high-quality but at the same time, they have the pressure to minimize labor and energy costs, wood losses, environmental load, and maintenance savings and VULKAN is the partner to achieve these objectives. 

The paper and pulp market has strongly adhered to industrial drive solutions by VULKAN to achieve the maximum performance, reliability, and synchronism accuracy of its machines and equipments.

Solutions and products such as couplings, service and emergency braking systems, high speed backstops, freewheels, gear and membrane disc couplings, are all available from VULKAN from a single source - perfectly integrated and perfectly in interaction - as a standard solution, as well as individually engineered. This guarantees an optimally tuned system and saves time and money in the coordination of the project and the selection of the supplier. 

By adding drive and braking systems solutions, VULKAN ensures the optimal performance of the systems for all work steps in the paper and pulp industry, from the delivery of the logs for the pulp process to the finished paper rolls.

In every equipment of the pulp mills, such as cranes, conveyors, debarking drums, chippers, chip screens, screw reclaimers, bark shredders, bark presses, biomass crushers, pre-steaming bins, and others, you can count on VULKAN drive and braking systems solutions.

Throughout the whole process of the paper industry, such as raw material reception, paper treatment and drying, finishing and straightening, cutting and finishing, winding and unwinding the systems demands reliable drive systems and safety equipment that is VULKAN expertise.