VULKAN Italia designs and offers technological solutions for noise and vibrations control in naval, pleasure, industrial and railway fields, besides of flamefree and sustainable connections tube solutions in refrigeration, air conditioning and HVAC fields.

Today VULKAN Italia, led by the same Engineer who was its founder, Gian Piero Repetti, is one of the most important subsidiaries of the Group: 31 people, two buildings with a dedicated technical office, warehouse and its own production facility. 

The three divisions VULKAN Couplings, VULKAN Drive Tech and VULKAN Lokring, which represent VULKAN Italia, are available for all Italian customers to offer VULKAN technology and solutions. Click on the division logo to discover more about our products and activities.

Throughout the years international standing companies chose VULKAN Italia as their unique distributor in Italy. 

Let’s discover more on the companies VULKAN ITALIA represents!

Managing Director – Gian Piero Repetti

He was still a young naval Engineer when he started his path with VULKAN and after few years he was appointed to establish VULKAN Italia, being the heart of its success.

Year after year, he has supported VULKAN Italia to boost new projects and new businesses, having, at the same time, a central role inside the VULKAN Group.

As an expert and keen on pleasure vessels applications, he was appointed in 2018 as Global Business Developer in the Yachting sector.

Gian Piero serves as the leader for the VULKAN HYBRID ARCHITECT project, developing the engineering for integrated propulsion system on hybrid drives, offering custom-made solutions for shipyards and owners. 


Email: gianpiero.repetti(at) 

Phone: +39 0143 310220


1987: VULKAN hands over the leading of the newborn Italian subsidiary to a naval Engineer who has already worked with the Group, granting the necessary continuity to Vulkan couplings sales in Italy. Foundations are laid for an extraordinary development of the COUPLINGS division in the next future. Let’s go! Two people and a small spare parts warehouse.

1989-1990: European renowned companies rely on VULKAN ITALIA to distribute their products (GEWES for cardan shafts and SEPAR FILTER, for fuel/water separation filters). 

1992: VULKAN DRIVE TECH lays its foundation in Italy as well, developing commercial activities in the railway and industrial sectors.

2001: VULKAN Italia becomes more and more a vibroacoustic solutions expert, through the collaboaration with De Martini Reaserach and broadens resilient mounts and shock-mounts offer: the “Total Solution” is born.

2003: VULKAN Italia gets the ISO 9001 certification.

2004: VULKAN Italia invests in tools and machines to build customized mechanical components and satisfy particular requests of its Customers. PROPFLEX is born for pleasure crafts applications: high level of comfort could be reached on board using PROPFLEX tail shaft coupling. Fully developed and made in ITALY.

2006-2007: VULKAN-DMR is born for the resilient mounts design, production and sales.

2008: VULKAN Italia becomes a production facility for the Group, besides being worldwide competence center in the vibrations and noise control fields.

2009: VULKAN Lokring becomes part of the VULKAN ITALIA family, offering flamefree refrigeration circuits connections and sealing solutions, in the refrigeration and air conditioning fields.

2010: Hamilton Jet, renowned New Zealand hydrojets manufacturer, selects VULKAN Italia as its own exclusive distributor for Italy. 

2013: VULKAN Italia is a Company supporting the planet: we have chosen green technlogies, as solar and photovoltaic panels, to produce energy for VULKAN Italia Novi Ligure premises.

2017: VULKAN Italia becomes the whole VULKAN Group hub for pleasure craft business development activities, sharing with the Group its experience of decades and the passion for the yachting sector. 

2020: VULKAN Italia is awarded for the Product Management of the whole resilient mounts and anti-shock offer for the Group.

2021: VULKAN Italia keeps following its path in the hybrid propulsion on board: the VULKAN HYBRID ARCHITECT project is born.