Reliable and individual system solutions for power plants

VULKAN couplings are not only found in marine propulsion and auxiliary drives, but also in stationary and mobile power generation systems. They are used in continuous operation for permanent power supply, as well as in base power operation for temporary power supply and in standby operation for emergency power supply. Generator couplings from VULKAN have always been the first choice when it comes to operationally reliable highly flexible coupling for gensets

Reliable and individual system solutions
The high degree of utilization in terms of power and duty cycle that is common in stationary diesel power plants and combined heat and power plants also requires absolute reliability and a long service life from the couplings. Container and emergency gensets, as well as mobile plants, on the other hand, are in temporary operation.They are used where there is no public power grid or where the failure of the power grid would have serious consequences - such as in hospitals, chemical plants, data centers and, last but not least, in nuclear power plants, in order to ensure the removal of decay heat even in the event of a shutdown or failure of the power grid.

Whether it is a stationary large-scale plant supplying entire cities or a small container unit used, for example, to supply power to construction sites, production plants, research facilities or to the chemical industry  - at VULKAN you will find the necessary technical expertise and system competence in the field of couplings, mounts and chocking systems.