Coupling systems for extreme conditions

Heavy shocks, irregular operation and challenging environmental conditions are characteristic of both the cement and (road) construction industries. In the cement industry, mills and mixers are machines whose drives are subjected to shock loads and dynamic displacements of large masses with high inertia. These general conditions and the need for uninterrupted operation resulting from the special material properties of cement place the highest demands on the reliability of the couplings used.

Depending on the primary requirement, fiber-reinforced elastomer couplings, which offer extreme resistance to the strongest impacts, or highly elastic rubber couplings, which can be used to optimize the vibration behavior of the equipment, are used here.

Ideal partner for calculations and analyses
Here, VULKAN not only supplies highly flexible and elastic couplings that are optimally matched to these requirements, but with its decades of experience in this field, it is also the ideal contact for design calculations and excitability analyses.