Since 1992, VULKAN Far East is active in sales, spare parts, service and technical support for products from VULKAN’s Marine and Industry and Energy business units in the Asia-Pacific Region. From the wide range of VULKAN products, we offer customized solutions to meet our customers’ requirements. 

Further development of the location

Since October 2013, we have also been providing sales and technical support for products of the Refrigeration and A/C business unit. Our highly qualified and experienced staff and engineers ensure that our services are quickly available to our customers in Singapore and throughout the region. Indonesia is the largest market in the Southeast Asia region. To be closer to our customers and provide faster and better service in terms of products and spare parts, we opened a new Representative Office in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2016.

Markets and Products

Due to its diversified business portfolio, the VULKAN Group – according to the markets it serves – consists of the three business units Marine, Industry and Energy and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (internal links!). As part of the internationally operating VULKAN Group, the goal of VULKAN Far East is to be close to our customers and to develop and promote  the trade of VULKAN Group products in this regional market. That's why we offer sales, service and technical support for all three business units.

Thereby, we cover the following products:

  • Marine: Highly flexible couplings, dampers, bearings, shafts for maritime applications and stationary power generation
  • Industry and Energy: Clutches, dampers, bearings, brakes, backstops for industrial applications
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology: Pipe connections in the field of refrigeration/air conditioning technology

Representative Office

Our office is located in Ruko Boulevard Tekno Blok H No.7, BSD, Tangerang Selatan. Here three employees are working for VULKAN Far East in Indonesia. They are responsible for sales and administration.

Chief Representative

David Amril
Email : david.amril(at)
Telephone: +62 811 1908 7878

Trade Partners

VULKAN Far East cooperates with the following trade partners:

  • Gewes: Experts in cardan shafts with torque range from 350 Nm to 600.000 Nm
  • Rotachock: Experts in alignment and mounting