More than just an employer: These are our VULKAN values

VULKAN is one of the market and technology leaders in the field of marine, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology as well as industrial and energy technology and is an attractive employer, employing around 1,400 people worldwide. We are committed to a common set of values stemming from the long-standing tradition of a medium-sized family business. In the sign of a very strongly changing world market position for VULKAN, it is important to preserve what is good and proven, on the other hand, to shape the future of the companies sustainably with prudence, sincerity and determination.  

What do employees and managers at VULKAN align themselves with in order to continue to be successful together in the future?

We have formulated values and principles to which we are committed at VULKAN and which enable us to create a common corporate culture. Employees who share these values are more capable of working in a team and thus achieve better results:     

Customer value:

Customer proximity and the implementation of specific customer requirements in the products and services of the market segments served define VULKAN's customer orientation. The aim is to find a balance between traditional values such as reliability and technical strength on the one hand and increasingly cost-oriented solutions on the other - be they customized or standard designs. The basis is and remains our company's ability and potential to make changes to existing products and processes in such a way that a high level of customer benefit is always achieved. Customer proximity, attention to product life cycles and the market environment constantly generate new ideas for products and services. The customers' demands for delivery reliability, quality, product safety and environmental friendliness with simultaneous cost reduction are and remain the constant driving force behind our activities. Our aim is to offer the customer the highest possible benefit from development and production through to the marketing of products and services.  

Earning value:

The success of the VULKAN company is based on competence and financial strength. All measures must contribute to strengthening the financial power of the VULKAN Group. Appropriate earning values are to be generated, which are to be used for securing the future of the affiliated companies and the employees. This includes, in particular, the continuous improvement of products and processes as well as responsible handling of investments, resources and earnings.  

Employee value:

This includes dealing honestly and respectfully with one another, free from discrimination toward other people and views. We always orient ourselves objectively to the tasks before us - this with a view to customer-oriented solutions that meet the required technical and commercial demands of our customers worldwide. To this end, we have at our disposal the wide-ranging knowledge of our employees at the head office in Herne and in the subsidiaries and agencies operating worldwide.  


It is a special task and duty of the companies of the VULKAN Group to promote and challenge the employees and to use them according to their abilities and possibilities. We deal openly and constructively with mistakesand opportunities for improvement and provide feedback on the performance and behavior of individuals. To this end, structured employee appraisals are held annually in all areas. In addition, there is the possibility to give feedback in regularly conducted employee surveys.   

VULKAN pays attention to safe and health-preserving working conditions for its employees, regardless of location and workplace. 


Our Code of Conduct also specifies the essential principles and basic values to which we are committed in our daily dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, society and the environment as part of our global corporate activities.