Principles for Quality, Environment, Energy, Occupational Safety, Health Protection and Data Protection

In accordance with our business interests, VULKAN strives to be a worldwide leading company in the areas of quality, environment, energy, occupational safety and health protection management, taking into account all relevant data protection requirements in detail.

Laws and other obligations

We comply with all relevant laws and VULKAN obligations.


We strive to conserve resources and reduce or avoid all conflicting aspects and risks associated with our products, services and manufacturing processes.


We provide healthy and safe workplaces for our employees and strive to prevent injuries and illnesses. We promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage respect for the environment.
It is also natural for us to involve employee representatives in all issues relating to work, health and the environment.

We ensure that our employees have the awareness, skills and knowledge to implement these corporate principles.


We proactively work with our customers to meet their needs.

Suppliers and service providers

This is also true for our suppliers and service providers, with whom we work very closely to improve performance.

Social responsibility

We assume social responsibility as far as possible, even beyond the boundaries of our plants. VULKAN is committed to continuous improvement in quality, environment, energy, occupational safety and health protection. We set goals, measure the progress and report on the results. Compliance with these principles is the responsibility of all employees and managers.

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