Wide VULKAN product range for different applications

Ports and terminals come in a wide variation of dedicated and multi-purpose roles. All of them have their typical equipment but all have in common that the most important points are safety and low downtime/low maintenance. This is where VULKAN provides a wide range of products for all these different applications. All sorts of cranes need operational and emergency brakes. If they are rail-mounted, storm brakes are inevitable.

Mobile equipment such as HMC (harbour mobile crane), RTG (rubber tired gantry) and SC (straddle carrier) is nowadays usually diesel-electrically driven, which requires our Vulastik-L couplings and anti-vibration mounts. In terminals dedicated to break bulk, stacker/reclaimer connected to conveyors can be found equipped with our brakes and with fluid couplings. Depending on inclination, backstops are a requirement. Lastly, to guarantee smooth operation at all times back-up power is installed in most ports. These gensets are also relying on VULKAN couplings and mounts.