VULKAN Technologies Private Limited (VULKAN INDIA), is the Indian subsidiary of the globally operating VULKAN group with headquarters at Herne, Germany. VULKAN India was established in  2001, with the head office situated in Pune, Maharashtra. The operations which started from a small residential apartment, gradually expanded to a full-fledged, sprawling manufacturing facility encompassing two plants. It employs more than 300 highly qualified employees, including a dedicated Research & Development team. 

It represents all the three business divisions of the group in the Indian market viz: 

  • Marine 
  • Industry and Energy 
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 

It develops quality products and customised solutions for these industries in the form of flexible couplings for ships, generators & compressors, other industrial applications and solder-free tube connections used in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. 

To fully utilize its capabilities & capacities, it also offers a vast range of ancillary products such as industrial Castings, Engine & Compressors Parts made of Aluminium & Steel and Rubber Products, along with the flagship products of VULKAN Group.

VULKAN INDIA boasts of a state-of-the-art steel foundry equipped with high-power medium-frequency induction crucible furnaces. This facility produces ferrous castings in the form of the most diverse Steel including Stainless Steel, Duplex steel and S.G. Iron using sand castings technology which ensures the maximum possible casting precision with the most stringent tolerances. The steel foundry also employs centrifugal casting technology to manufacture symmetric rotary components using ultra modern horizontal and vertical centrifugal casting machines. It produces a wide range of products that adhere to international standards and specifications, for core sectors such as marine, food industry, turbo chargers, traction motors, engines, valves and pumps. 

Led by an experienced team, the advanced Aluminium foundry manufactures a variety of parts using the gravity die casting and sand-casting method. It enables Vulkan to manufacture robust castings that cater to the critical needs of diverse industries including marine, engine manufacturing, vacuum pumps, mining fans & impellers, compressors and food packaging.

Elaborate and extensive test methods are employed in both the foundries to ensure the production of the highest quality cast products. These include:

  • Testing of the mechanical properties of the material
  • Metallographic examinations
  • Chemical corrosion investigations
  •  Pressure testing and 
  • Controlled chemical composition measurements using emission spectrometry 

To produce flexible and highly flexible couplings, VULKAN India has its own vulcanisation facility with superior quality vulcanisation presses powered by modern transfer moulding technology. It operates its own compound manufacture for the most diverse elastomers. The facility also produces other rubber products such as Folded Hose from a variety of polymers and rubber components for various types of valves.

The company is also a proud owner of the most modern machine shop, equipped with cutting edge and high performing machines such as VMCs, HMCs, VTL, CNC turning centers, drilling and balancing machines and Coordinate measuring machines capable of performing high precision operations. 

VULKAN India is an ISO 9001;14001;45001;50001 certified Company and has received approvals and consistently high ratings from various classification societies such as American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, DNV-GL ,  Lloyds Register of Shipping , Indian Register of Shipping, IBR, Korean Register,  NKK, etc. 

It has also secured IGBC Green Building Gold and CII Green Co Bronze ratings for demonstrating a proactive corporate commitment towards achieving environmental sustainability by implementing several measures to reduce its carbon footprint. These include various projects in areas of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Waste Management, Water and Material Conservation, use of eco friendly building materials and sustainable & handicap friendly building design. 

As a part of its CSR initiative, VULKAN INDIA has implemented various projects like rainwater harvesting, access to clean drinking water, promoting education, health care & sanitation and rural development, thereby benefiting the local community. Additionally, it also supports a number of NGOs, working towards the welfare and upliftment of the underprivileged sections of the society.

Driven by world class technology, engineering excellence and spirit of innovation, VULKAN INDIA is a premier supply partner to global industry leaders and renowned customers. Unstinted Group support, visionary leadership and committed employees have enabled VULKAN INDIA to translate today’s science into technology and build a legacy that is shaping the future.


Managing Director
Mr. Rajesh Mishra 

Vice President (Marketing)
Mr. Prashant Patel

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The wholly-owned subsidiary of VULKAN, VULKAN Technologies Pvt Ltd. produces and sells all types of VULKAN products and provides service. At the same time, VULKAN Technologies offers its own products. This ensures VULKAN Technologies to provide production and service with characteristics for domestic and global customers. 

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