Systematic energy management certified: ISO 50001 certification for VTI

VULKAN Technologies Pvt Ltd (VTI) passed stage I and II audits for certification according to ISO-50001 in June and October 2022 and subsequently received the certificate for the successful implementation of the standard. This certifies that the VULKAN subsidiary has a systematic energy management system.

ISO standards have always played a major role at VULKAN Technologies Pvt Ltd. Since its inception, the company has implemented various standards such as ISO-90001, -14001 and -450001 to demonstrate its credibility and build trust with customers, clients and other business partners.
VULKAN Technologies Pvt Ltd has always strived for continuous improvement as part of its commitment to sustainable development by taking measures to optimise its environmental performance. As part of this effort, the company started implementing the ISO-50001 standard in 2018 to improve the performance of its energy conservation programme.

The implementation of the ISO-50001 standard, in addition to reducing energy consumption, evaluating business objectives, reducing negative environmental impacts and increasing profitability through the use of energy-efficient technologies, aimed to be officially certified as having a sound energy management system.

Check and document the performance

The continuous improvement framework (Plan-Do-Check-Act, PDCA) provided by the ISO-50001 standard helped the company develop an energy policy, set targets and measure data to understand and review decisions based on energy consumption. In addition, the energy audit and gap analysis helped identify several areas for improvement. An IoT-based energy management and analysis system was then installed to check and document the performance of equipment such as transformers, gensets and photovoltaic cells. This provided information on the status of various parameters such as power factor, demand, etc., which helped VTI set energy guidelines.

The implementation of the ISO-50001 standard included the following measures, among others:

  • Installation of 911 KWP ROOF TOP SOLAR PV
  • Installation of an energy efficient VFD based air compressor with IPM
  • Satherm insulation to reduce heat losses
  • Installation of HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fan
  • Installation of LED fittings at all the inspection workstations
  • Installation of a heat recovery unit for the air compressor
  • Optimizing transformer performance by reducing harmonic levels below IEEE standard.

"The journey towards the implementation of the ISO-50001-standard, driven by the commitment of top management, has been enthusiastically undertaken by the VTI team. In the process, many new insights were gained and re-evaluated, leading to a better understanding of the standard", says Rajesh Mishra, Managing Director of VULKAN Technologies Pvt Ltd. "Our team is now tasked with maintaining the standards set in the area of energy conservation. However, we are confident that this will be achieved with a focus on continuous improvement."

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