The MG resilient mounts have been designed to satisfy the needs of commercial, industrial and pleasure craft applications, where the lightness of the equipment is very important. For this reason, they are manufactured in light alloy in their standard version. The damping element of the MG series resilient mounts is made of natural rubber (NR). This component enables these mounts to work at ambient temperatures in the range of -20 °C/+70 °C. Available in the load range from 100 N to 6400 N. Due to their low natural frequency, these resilient mounts can be used for supporting all kinds of machinery and equipment where a significant reduction of noise and vibration is required. MG mounts are divided into two different categories DNP (Direct Non-Protected). DP (Direct Protected) with aluminium metal casting. Different metal castings are available on demand. The specific shape of the rubber ensures the constancy of the load-strain ratio, even over 30 % of the nominal load. The transversal stiffness, which is about one-half that of the vertical ones, is also constant. Together with the high natural rubber quality, these characteristics equip the mounts with a high capacity to reduce vibrations of widespread applications. In case the mount potentially comes in contact with external corrosive agents, it can be supplied with a protective metallic casing (DP version). This version is also equipped with a rubber stop to prevent metal to metal contact.


  • Low natural frequency
  • Can be used on applications with large dynamic loads
  • Highly flexible in vertical and radial directions

Technical Data

  • Nominal load range [kN]
    0.1 - 6.4 kN

(Area of) Applications

Marine genset, compressor units, pumps, ventilator units, electronic devices, little and medium dimension machinery