Hydrostatic CouplingHYDROFLEX MA-R

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HYDROFLEX MA-R – Rigid coupling for hydrostatic industrial applications
Machines like small excavators, forklifts, mini dumpers, asphalt machines, concrete pumps, agricultural machinery etc use hydrostatic drives from a combustion engine, directly connected with a hydrostatic pump via a coupling. The coupling conveys the required force from the engine to the pump and consequently ensures proper machine operation. The coupling must also be able to be installed and plugged into the smallest area under the pump installation flange of the engine, so that the hydraulic pump can be flange-mounted directly to the engine. Hydrostatic applications generally require a rigid coupling to operate hydraulic pumps and similar machines with low torque of inertia below the critical speeds, whereby possible damaging resonances from the machine’s operating speed range are removed. VULKAN has developed its HYDROFLEX coupling program for this application – also known as HYDROFLEX MA-R, a rigid coupling with a special nylon core, suitable for direct connection between diesel engines and hydraulic pumps.

The HYDROFLEX MA-R is available in different sizes and SAE or NON-SAE configurations. It can also be fitted with flat, round or customer specific rotating assemblies to go with the most common diesel engine and pump type configurations.


  • High torsion rigidity to ensure the operating speed as no damaging resonances
  • Nylon coupling core with high mechanical resistance, temperature resistance and stability
  • Compact design for limited space in the pump support
  • Clamping hub system to prevent wear or breaks on the pump shaft
  • Simple plug in assembly
  • Low maintenance
  • Simple and cost-effective adjustment options

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    0.56 kNm - 3.34 kNm
  • Nominal braking torque [Nm]
    559.00 Nm - 3,342.00 Nm
  • Speed range [1/min]
    3,000.00 RPM - 50,000.00 RPM


Designed for direct connection between diesel engines and hydraulic pumps for a range of applications including construction machinery, agricultural machinery, auto hoists etc.