Electromagnetic BrakeElectromagnetic disc brake

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Electromagnetic disc brake as operating and holding brake
For safety and technical operating reasons, large machines where high inertia forces occur may require operating and holding brakes for proper operation. VULKAN has a wide range of failsafe ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAKES specially designed for use as operating, parking or emergency brakes. All brake types can also be adapted in special versions for use in the most challenging applications under the most extreme conditions in which performance and reliability are essential.
VULKAN electromagnetic brakes are designed for a minimum reaction time of 0.2 s and for repetitive use up to 700 cycles per hour. Laboratory tests have demonstrated that VULKAN brakes remain maintenance-free up to 4 million operating cycles. VULKAN offers the following options for specific customer requirements: Automatic wear compensation for brake pads, brake position sensors, warning sensors for worn brake pads, automatic or manual brake ventilation and brake pads made from organic materials. The range also includes the complete assortment of ventilated brake discs with integrated flexible or rigid couplings. All brakes are supplied with their own supply voltage. Brake calipers and supply voltage can be fitted with different electrical/electronic circuits for special applications.

Electromagnetic disc brake design
VULKAN electromagnetic disc brakes meet AISE 11 and FEM standards. They are spring operated and feature an electromagnetic brake release. All brake models have numerous retrofitting options and can be adapted to the most challenging applications, including wear compensation system, microswitches for braking status and brake pads with wear sensor.

Electromagnetic disc brake benefits

  • Failsafe brake
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Braking torque can be adjusted
  • Shunt or series coil available

Technical Data

  • Nominal braking torque [Nm]
    15.00 Nm - 11,545.00 Nm


  • Service and parking brakes for high speed shaft applications, such as belt conveyors, cranes, etc.