Our engineering competences, our experience, our solutions MADE IN ITALY

Who we are: not only a flexible couplings' and rubber mounts' supplier

VULKAN Italia studies, designs and supplies technologies for noise, vibrations and shock control for industrialand marine sectors, based on simultaneous selection of resilient mounts and/or shock mounts, flexible couplings, cardan and composite shafts, settled not as simple and single components but as part of a complex system that must work to fulfil defined and specific application requirements. 

VULKAN Italia can rely on its 36 years application engineering know-how and whole drivetrain and shaft line competence, providing its holistic system solutions approach.

VULKAN Italia also assists refrigeration, air conditioning and HVACsectors with quick and easy, safe and flame-free VULKAN Lokring connecting and sealing solutions for rerigeration circuits, supporting the present transition to natural and more sustainable refrigerants.

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Industry and energy

Refrigeration and AC

What we do

Founded as its Italian subsidiary, entrusted by VULKAN Group to the Naval Engineer Gian Piero Repetti in 1989, VULKAN Italia is a reference point for VULKAN worldwide, thanks to its strong organizational structure relying on more than 40 people.

It includes:

  • a technical department of expert vibrations and mechanical engineers;

  • a sales team organized by sector and competence;

  • a production facility dedicated to special products (Propflex, shock mounts);

  • an after sales division with expert field service engineers.

The whole VULKAN Group and its worldwide subsidiaries can be helped in vibrations and noise projects and issues thanks to VULKAN Italia's mounts and Propflex competence center, which includes product management and technical background, analyzing data and inputs of the whole dynamic system to design the optimal solution for solving shock, noise and vibrations problems.

VULKAN Italia's Distribution agreements

Over the years VULKAN Italia has furthermore been selected by well-known and reliable international companies as their exclusive distributor in the Italian area.

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  • 1987


    VULKAN hands over the management of the newborn Vulkan Italia to a naval Engineer, Gian Piero Repetti, who has already collaborated with the Vulkan Group, granting the success and extraordinary development of Vulkan’s couplings and relevant VULKAN Marine division in Italy.

  • 1992

    Industry and Railway

    VULKAN Drive Tech is born, supporting Italian customers in the industrial and railway sectors. 

  • 2003

    New headquarters

    VULKAN Italia moves to new built Novi Ligure headquarters.

  • 2004

    The new production facility and Propflex is born

    VULKAN Italia invests in a new facility including machines and tools to build customized tail shaft couplings to satisfy more and more demanding comfort request of the yachting sector customers. PROPFLEX is born for pleasure craft applications: High comfort levels could now be reached on board. Fully developed and made in ITALY.

  • 2009

    Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

    VULKAN Lokring becomes part of the VULKAN Italia business, offering flame free refrigeration circuits connections and sealing solutions for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. 

  • 2013

    Using solar energy

    VULKAN Italia installs photovoltaic panels to produce energy for its Novi Ligure premises.

  • 2017

    Yachting hub

    VULKAN Italia becomes the VULKAN hub for yachting business development activities, sharing with the VULKAN Group its extensive experience and huge passion for the yachting sector.

  • 2021

    VULKAN Hybrid Architect is born

    VULKAN Italia keeps following its growing path stepping into hybrid propulsion on board: the VULKAN HYBRID ARCHITECT division is born.  

  • 2023

    A new adventure

    After 35 years full of enthusiasm and success, Gian Piero Repetti passed the baton on to the new Vulkan Italia CEO, Daniele Gaviotis.