New VULKAN coupling with weight and cost reduced design

The VULKAN Group presents the new VULASTIK XT, a fast available best price product for the generator set market and for industrial applications such as pumps, fans, compressors and blowers. It is also suitable for drives with diesel or gas engines in mobile applications such as trains, mobile machinery and more.

The VULASTIK XT essentially retains the successful features of the proven VULASTIK L series, but has been optimized in design, resulting not only in weight advantages, but also in decisive cost advantages. An optimized supply chain also guarantees short delivery times and makes the VULASTIK XT a modifiable off-the-shelf.
Different sizes and six different rubber compounds are available to adapt the VULASTIK XT to different system requirements. In addition, three different hub connections are available. The VULASTIK XT is characterized by its axial plug-in capability, which is ensured by the tooth geometry on the outer radius and the vulcanized elastomer on the inner radius of the element. The lightweight housing features a conical shape (from size 34), which serves to avoid collisions in bell housing applications. In addition, the design for generator applications in stiffnesses 6, 8 and A enables optimum thermal utilization of the elements for high permissible power loss as well as correspondingly wide-ranging applicability. 

Advantages of the VULASTIK XT

•    Low investment costs thanks to optimized design
•    Maximum solution flexibility thanks to various coupling designs for bell mounting or free-standing installation
•    Optimum system matching thanks to six rubber qualities
•    Easy installation thanks to axial plug-in capability
•    High permissible power loss for solution flexibility in generator applications
For more information on the technical data of the new VULKAN coupling series VULASTIK XT, please click here: technical_data_vulastikxt_022022.pdf (

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