Suitable solutions for agricultural machinery

Impassable terrain, direct exposure to weather, a wide variety of soil conditions, extreme load profiles and the widest temperature ranges - these are the operating conditions for agricultural vehicles. For couplings, it means operating reliably and with low maintenance not only under these conditions, but also under all possible load conditions across the entire speed range and in all available gears.


Skills, tools and experience for reliable forecasts
The prerequisite for this is a careful selection and elaborate consideration of all possible and probable load cases and displacement influences, for the calculation and evaluation of which VULKAN has had the necessary competences, tools and experience for decades.

Not only for the high requirements in the main drives VULKAN offers with the cardan shaft couplings and flanged outer bearings the suitable solutions, also for the power take-offs at the free motor end and at the gearbox there are different couplings in the portfolio, with which the different priorities, such as e.g. quick changeability, high displacement, maximum elasticity, freedom from maintenance and many more, can be reliably served.