The MEGIFLEX B coupling is a versatile, highly flexible torsional coupling. With its modular design in combination with a compression-loaded element, the MEGIFLEX B complements the VULKAN product portfolio encompassing the torque range of small VULKARDAN E and VULASTIK L couplings. Due to its torsionally soft, shock-absorbing behaviour and high radial, axial and angular displacement capabilities the rubber element can meet a highly diverse range of requirements. Typical applications are in main propulsion; in particular with small pods, or auxiliary drives such as PTO/PTI with connected power units. The MEGIFLEX B is available in 15 sizes, each with 3 rubber stiffness classes which can be either radially assembled or plugged in axially depending on the series. In addition to the compact design, the double cardanic MEGIFLEX B series is versatile as a highly displacing and torsionally flexible drive shaft for a broad range of installation situations. The MEGIFLEX B is designed with an inbuilt fail-safe device.


  • Through its modular design; it can endure high radial, axial and angular displacements and as a torsionally flexible Cardan shaft, the MEGIFLEX B can be used in various applications for the highest solution flexibility.
  • Effective vibration damping and a high displacement capacity guarantee the protection of connected machinery and thus a high availability of the drive shaft system
  • Easy installation as elements are either assembled axial bolted or plugged in
    Noise dampening for highest comfort standards

Technical Data

  • Torque Range TKN [kNm]
    0.01 kNm - 5.50 kNm
  • Speed range [1/min]
    2,500.00 RPM - 10,000.00 RPM


Flexibly and rigidly mounted diesel main propulsion and auxiliary drives in the low power range.