Disc or drum fail-safe brake with spring applied braking and electrohydraulic releasing. Designed according to DIN 15430, they are available with a wide range of accessories including brake status sensors, pads wearing sensor and an automatic pads wearing compensation system.

Technical Data

  • Nominal braking torque [Nm]
    120.00 kNm - 7,000.00 kNm


  • Service and parking brakes for high speed shaft applications, such as belt conveyors, cranes, etc.


  • Fail-safe brake
  • Easy and fast installation on site
  • Compliance to DIN 15430 Standard

Tailor-made Solutions

  • Left and right installation versions
  • Brake and pads status monitoring available
  • Braking torque tuning capacity


  • Available in either disc or drum configuration
  • Modular design to fit different thrusters into the same caliper
  • Automatic lining wear compensation system