VULKAN France SA started in 1989 to represent the complete range of VULKAN Group products in the French and francophone market. The VULKAN Group consists of three business areas: Marine, Industry and Energy and Refrigeration and A/C. The business areas Marine and Industry and Energy for example provide elastic couplings for ships, generators, compressors and other industrial applications while the business area Refrigeration and A/C operates in the field of solder free tube connections for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

VULKAN France SA is located in Les Pennes Mirabeau, close to Marseille with a staff of 9 employees and a stock capacity of 700 m2.

Expertise and customer orientation made VULKAN France a reliable partner for the maritime-, railway- and industrial market on the coupling and power transmission line and a leading LOKRING branch office in the cooling and air conditioning market.


Efficiency is our main objective, thus VULKAN France with its small staff of eight persons is able to manage an extraordinary amount of products for a wide range of applications, as well as a considerable stock.


Managing Director, Technical and Commercial Management: Joachim Wilkes
Email: joachim.wilkes(at)


Joachim Wilkes

General Manager

Sales & Service

With 18 subsidiary companies and 50 agencies worldwide, we make VULKAN expertise available on site everywhere. For our customers this means that our specialists and the matching solutions are quickly available right where they are needed. To see all locations of VULKAN Distributors and Partners download our Sales & Service Brochure.

Trade Partners

HEID Antriebstechnik Clutches, brakes and discs – Standard and customized
  HEID Antriebstechnik looks back on 130 years of company history and is specialized in the production of clutches and brakes in various designs which are customized to the requirements of our customers. HEID supplies electromagnetic, hydraulic and pneumatic clutches and brakes for a large range of industrial and maritime applications. Dry- or wet running in oil, single face- / multi-disc and tooth clutches & brakes.
Goizper Clutches, brakes for metal forming machines
  Goizper is a leading technology company with excellent worldwide references and a large range of clutches, brakes, clutch-brake units, safety brakes and accessories.
RotaChock Adjustable and self-leveling chock system « Filling the gap »
  The RotaChock is an adjustable, self-leveling and reusable chock for mounting rotating equipment. The RotaChock is a blend of engineering and years of field experience that has resulted in a robust, stiff and elegant gap-filter to end machinery Soft-Foot.
GEWES Cardan shafts, Double cardan shafts and precision turned parts
  Since 1947 GEWES – Gelenkwellenwerk Stadtilm GmbH produces roller bearing mounted universal joint shafts and Cardan assemblies like u-joint crosses to a high quality standard and with a large vertical range of products specifically aimed at meeting the requirements of our customers. High performance – Torques up to 600.000 Nm.
CJC JENSEN Oil filtration systems
  Offline oil filtration is led by C.C. JENSEN with more than 65 years of experience with oil filtration and purification systems. We design and manufacture CJC JENSEN Offline Oil Filters and Online condition monitoring solutions for all kinds of oil filtration systems within the industry, marine, mining, power and wind industry keeping the clean and dry on your production equipment containing from 10 liters to 200.000 liters of oil and even more.