The foundation stone for today's globally active company was laid in Germany. The company VULKAN in Herne is one of the five production sites for the three divisions Couplings, Drive Tech and Lokring.

The business area Refrigeration and A/C has existed at the Herne site since 1979 and has since developed into a worldwide success story. For 36 years, not only have LOKRINGs for hermetically sealed tube connections been produced in Germany, but the fate of the 17 locations, including the four additional production sites in China, the USA, Brazil and India, has also been managed here. The Herne site has also always been home to the company's research and development department with a test laboratory that is unique in the world. This makes VULKAN the only company in the industry with the full range of testing equipment for testing pipe connections in accordance with the European standard EN 16084 - an important basis for in-house product development, as this is where VULKAN can provide proof of the tightness of pipe connections in the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector. 

Furthermore, vacuum tests, pressure-temperature cycling tests, vibration tests, dynamic and static pressure tests as well as frost tests can be carried out in the test laboratory.


Marion Schütrumpf

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