VULKAN Italia Marine Team supports Italian customers in power transmission, noise, vibrations and shock control on board of every kind of vessels: commercial, navy, pleasure.

Power generation customers rely on VULKAN ITALIA to get solutions in the on-shore, marine and off-shore sectors as well.

VULKAN Italia offers a global support in the best vibroacoustic solution package choice, a complete proposal for the propulsion shaft line, including flexible couplings, resilient mounts, tail shaft couplings, cardan and composite shafts.
VULKAN Italia has the competence and experience to analyze data and inputs of the whole dynamic system and to design the optimal solution for solving shock, noise and vibration problems in compliance with the requirements of the specific application (shipbuilding, yachting, industry, navy).

Starting from 2021, VULKAN wants to make his contribution to global decarbonization by entering the market for hybrid and electric drives, as a Hybrid Architect, designing and supplying the best hybrid propulsion architecture according to customer's needs.

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Marine sales team

Giovanni Garziano

Sales Manager - Pleasure Craft / Account Manager HamiltonJet

Sara Chiapuzzi

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Fabio Santoro

New BusinessSales Manager for CommercialNavy and Power Generation / Global Product Manager for Elastic Suspensions

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