​​​​​​VULKAN Korea


VULKAN Korea C​orporation (VKC) was established in April 2001. The previous managing director Dir. Kim has been selling VULKAN products in Korea since 1989. Since 2001 VULKAN Korea belongs to the VULKAN Group. The Group consists of three divisions which all have their own product ranges such as elastic couplings for ships, generators, compressors and other industrial applications as well as solder-free (or braze-free) tube connections used in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology.

VULKAN Korea is located at Pusan city as marine and shipbuilding route in Korea. VULKAN Couplings Korea is Sales for VULKAN Couplings, Mounts, VULKAN Drive Tech Korea products for World major Korean shipyard Hyundai, Military (Navy) submarine and Lokring for world leading Electronic Company Samsung and LG in territory Korea. VULKAN Lokring Korea has six employees as Technical Sales Team.​


Managing Director

Sungchan Bang
Phone: +82 51-256-2473


VULKAN Korea Corp.
6F, Haeundae I-Park C1 Unit
48120 38 Marine City 2-ro Haeundae Gu, Busan

Sales & Service


With 18 subsidiary companies and 50 agencies worldwide, we make VULKAN expertise available on site everywhere. For our customers this means that our specialists and the matching solutions are quickly available right where they are needed. To see all locations of VULKAN Distributors and Partners download our Sales & Service Brochure.

Sales & Service Brochure