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Giunti altamente flessibili - VULASTIK XT

0,56 kNm – 38,60 kNm 

Areas of Application
Industrial Applications as alternators, compressors, and bell housing applications.

The VULASTIK XT is an axial pluggable coupling for non-classification relevant applications. Six rubber qualities are available in order to tune the coupling to the various system requirements. The VULASTIK XT can be axially plugged in due to its teeth profile on the outer radius of the element and due to its vulcanized connection at the inner radius of the element. The VULASTIK XT is specially designed for industrial applications and its lean design gives clear commercial benefits. A special design for alternator applications, especially in the stiffness classes 6, 8 and A allows an optimized thermal usage resulting in a very high permissible power loss.


  • Low investment costs thanks to its lean design
  • Highest solution flexibility due to different coupling designs for installation in bellhoused installations or free-standing installations
  • Optimized system tuning provided by six different rubber qualities
  • Easy assembling due to its axial plug-in feature
  • High permissible power loss and therefore a high solution flexibility in alternator applications


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