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Supporto albero integrale

Giunti altamente flessibili - Supporto albero integrale

Campo coppia nominale
3,15 – 20,00 kNm

Rotational Speed: on request

Product Key Facts
Product Description
Torsionally highly flexible coupling that is designed to match with the cardan shaft installation.

High Speed Shaft of machinery driven by diesel engines in the free standing configuration with high installation angle.


  • Torsional vibration isolation
  • Unloading of the crankshaft from radial and angular reaction forces
  • High angular misalignment capacity

Tailor-made solutions

  • Possibility of accommodating different torsional couplings model
  • Customised connection to prime mover flywheel and bell housing
  • Customised connection flange for cardan shaft


  • Modular design of the component
  • Sealed bearings system for minimum maintenance
  • Compact design with minimum built-in length


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