VULKAN Lokring automotive

Cylinder trolley set for tracer gas leak detection

LOKTRACE Tracer Gas Leak Detection - Cylinder trolley set for tracer gas leak detection


  • Complete kit for tracer gas leak detection in vehicle air conditioning systems.
  • The cylinder trolley is suitable for conventional 10 l or 20 l gas cylinders.
  • Gas cylinder not included in the scope of supply.
  • Pressure reducer connection: W21,8-14 left hand thread. (Kits with other pressure reducer are available on request.)

Scope of Supply

QuantityArticle numerArticle nameDescription
1L13005099LOKTRACER TLD.500Hydrogen leak detector
1L14003951PR-TG.1010 bar pressure reducer W21,8-14
1L13005015PA-1/LT.10Manifold gauge 10 bar
1L13002909HDS-J-G+G-3000-YCharging hose
1L13004971HDS-A-G+G-3000-YCharging hose
1L14002502QC-134a-BMLow pressure quick coupler
1L14002503QC-134a-RMHigh pressure quick coupler
1L14003969LOKTRACE KA.DCDust Cover

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Scope of supply

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