VULKAN LOKRING Refrigeration and air conditioning key

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VULKAN LOKRING. LOKRING tube connections and tools are made by VULKAN Lokring in-house: Development, construction, manufacture as well as sales & service. For the customers, this means „all from a single source“ and directly from the manufacturer: customised planning and consultancy, supervision at the time of introduction, and support and service locally wherever required.


lokring production

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. VULKAN Lokring is the inventor and developer of the patented LOKRING tube joint. For the last 38 years, experienced engineers have built new solutions for customers‘ applications in the development centre in Germany.



lokring production machine

PRODUCTION. Approximately 500,000 LOKRINGs per day are produced on modern multi-spindle automatic machines in Germany, Brazil, India, USA and China. Therefore, for customers, LOKRING is the optimal partner when it comes to safety, flexibility and logistics.



lokring quality

QUALITY. The German standard of quality management is the benchmark for the international production of LOKRING. The certified quality management and the deployment of highly advanced industrial image processing systems facilitate 100% quality control.



lokring service

SERVICE. Whether you are seeking planning and consultancy for optimising the refrigeration cycle system by using solder-free tube connections, support with the introduction of the LOKRING technology in production or after-sales service – everything is available locally with competent VULKAN Lokring technicians.



lokring product and management certification

PRODUCT AND MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATION. TÜV and UL product certification. ISO 9001 certification of the quality management system. ISO 14001 certification of the environment management system. AEO certification. Leak-proof tests. Expert survey reports.




lokring climate protection

CLIMATE PROTECTION. Since our tube connections are hermetically sealed, we can ensure that no climate damaging refrigerants leak into the environment. Furthermore, LOKRING makes the use of environmental friendly but flammable refrigerants (HC) safer and allows the use of CO2 (R744). Thus, by using LOKRING tube connections you make a contribution to the active protection of the environment.