VULKAN LOKRING Refrigeration and air conditioning key

Who is VULKAN Lokring?

Since 1979, VULKAN Lokring has developed, manufactured and marketed mechanical tube joining systems for refrigerant lines.

VULKAN Lokring is a company that belongs to the VULKAN Group, which is a medium-sized family-owned enterprise for technical industrial applications. As a developer of the LOKRING technology, VULKAN Lokring is a market leader in the field of solder-free and non-detachable tube joints.

Developed originally for the most extreme conditions encountered in manned space travel, the LOKRING tube joining technique has undergone constant advanced development for applications in
commercial refrigeration and air conditioning technology.


Therefore, VULKAN Lokring nowadays provides customised solutions for tube connections in the fields of the manufacturing, installation and servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning technology.

All from a single source – from separate development for customers to their own production range and right up to sales & service by local subsidiaries or authorised business partners.



2,000,000,000 LOKRING® CONNECTIONShave been successfully used in the industrial volume production of refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning systems. 


470,000 LOKRINGS PER DAYare produced in the 5 international manufacturing facilities of VULKAN Lokring on modern multi-spindle automatic lathe machines and shipped to 83 destination countries. 


7,000 CUSTOMERSoptimise their international competitive edge by using LOKRING tube connections as cost and quality benefit compared to brazed ones. 


650 UNIQUE TYPES OF LOKRING are used at present by customers in order to optimally join tubes made of different materials and combinations of diameters. 


100% QUALITY INSPECTIONof LOKRING based on automated industrial image processing as part of the certified VULKAN Lokring quality management system.