The Benefits

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LOKRING is the preferred alternative to brazing as it is more cost effective, delivers better quality with less failure and leak rates, as well as being faster. Furthermore, it provides an excellent opportunity to switch tubes and components of the cycle system to cost saving materials (e.g. aluminium).

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LOKRING directly saves the costs for silver solder and highly trained operators. Meanwhile, LOKRING indirectly reduces potential brazing cost implications that might
occur through leaks, corrosion, harmful fumes, damage, burns or tube preparations. LOKRING may even reduce the number of joints needed and the consumption of expensive Cu components.


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A correctly made LOKRING joint ensures both a zero failure rate and zero leak rate in both plant and field. In addition, the LOKRING joint is very clean both inside and
outside and there is no possibility of damage and burns occurring from brazing inside a cabinet. Finally, it ensures that there is no corrosion on grinded St tubes and no
hazardous brazing fumes.


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A LOKRING joint needs just 10 seconds. As the net time of brazing may not be higher, the gross time of brazing – which includes such additional operations as grinding,
coating and scale removal etc. – makes LOKRING the clear winner. And the more LOKRINGs that are applied, the more significant becomes the time advantage.
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As it is the preferred material for brazing, Cu material is extensively used in refrigerant cycle systems. However, Cu is heavy and expensive. For example, in the highly innovative automotive industry, all refrigerant lines are Al material. By “joining” LOKRING you can finally consider the new possibilities!


 The best connection

The LOKRING SINGLE RING TECHNOLOGY is a method for connecting metallic refrigerant lines without brazing so that they are permanent and hermetically sealed. For this purpose, VULKAN Lokring constructs customised LOKRING tube connections for any application based on the tube materials, dimensions and tolerances and the associated assembly tools. The primary area of application is the manufacture of the refrigerant circuit in the series production of refrigerators and freezers

There are other applications for the manufacture of evaporators for automotive air-conditioning systems, for heat exchangers in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology (e.g. manufacture of heat pumps) or with the serial installation of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology (e.g. air-conditioning for buses). Whether it is a matter of optimising costs, improving quality or solving a problem – LOKRING SINGLE RING is the answer!



Areas of Applications




This is where the use of VULKAN Lokring has been proven a billion times over for the last 36 years. Nonetheless, it is in this segment that many LOKRING SINGLE RINGs are being constructed at present for new applications so that an increasing number of brazed connections are being replaced by LOKRING.





LOKRING has been a supplier of tube connections for the initial fitting of air-conditioning components to leading suppliers in the automotive industry for many years. The LOKRING SINGLE RING is being used for the series manufacture of evaporators and heat exchangers made of aluminium.





Aluminium lines are increasingly being used in the installation of bus air-conditioning systems due to cost and weight considerations. This is facilitated by the use of LOKRING SINGLE RING as an efficient and reliable alternative to brazing.





Situations may arise while installing heat exchangers into a refrigerant circuit, resulting from construction-related or material-related constraints that make brazing impossible or uneconomical. An example of the solution for such a Cu-Ti tube connection in a heat pump using LOKRING SINGLE RING is illustrated here.





Would you like to cut costs, improve the quality or solve a problem while manufacturing a refrigerant circuit? Would you like to dispense with brazing at a specific connection or dispense with it completely? Please contact us and we will find a solution for your application.