VULKAN Group-Marine Propulsion, Air Conditioning and Industrial Drive Solutions

Quality, environment, safety and health policy


Based on the Company’s vision and ethics, along with the demands on the organisation and leadership, the management of VULKAN Kupplungs und Getriebebau B. Hackforth GmbH & Co. KG, has stated the priority of the Management System regarding Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Policy is as follows:​

Customer satisfaction is essential for our sustained and successful business development. In this regard, our products and services need to meet our customers’ expectations in respect of operation, price, delivery, quality and environmental safety, whilst remaining competitive. It is also important that we consult with customers regarding application, selection and waste management of our products.

Our success is due to the high quality level and the competitive price of our products, as well as the delivery reliability. We strive for the constant advance of our quality in order to meet our customers’ demand.

Our products represent reliability and innovation. Our goal is to design products which are safe to manufacture, safe to use and can be disposed of by environmentally friendly methods.​

Thinking and acting in process chains
With our process orientated and integrated management system as a complete production system (VPS) we ensure that every potential improvement in every area will be identified and included in the continuous improvement process. While planning our processes and linked mechanisms, facilities and methods, we consider all aspects of quality, safety, environmental and health & safety issues. In the existing economic climate we strive for innovative solutions and employ the latest technologies to ensure the company remains strong in all divisions.

Permanent improvement / Fault prevention
We ensure our product quality by identifying and eradicating any faults at an early stage. Every employee is encouraged to contribute his own ideas and suggestions to this process. We continuously strive to improve the working environment and safety of all employees. The quality management system acts as a means to quantify improvements to our procedures cost reductions.

We are committed to optimizing the working conditions for all our personnel, protecting the environment during manufacturing, storage, transport, distribution and use. We only work with suppliers who share and support our goals.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of the work result. We support and encourage all our employees to identify and help improve the quality, safety and reduce the environmental impact of our products. Our highly motivated employees guarantee the customer orientation, quality, environmentally and safety conscious work ethics. The management actively encourages employees to further their education and training.

Health & Safety and Plant Security
The health and welfare of our employees is of paramount importance to our company. We strive to create and keep safe the working environment for all employees. Thus we undertake all necessary measures to create and secure safe and ergonomic workplaces.  Service, maintenance and regular inspections are an essential part of our company’s health & safety policy to ensure the welfare of all our staff.

Our environmental policy is continuously updating to fulfill the current and future demands of our customers. We also strive to prevent environmental pollution by use of professional companies for the environmentally friendly disposal of waste materials.  Furthermore, we strive to preserve raw materials and energy with the intention of preserving all resources. As part of the community we covenant to preserve our environment and to ensure the welfare of all our employees.

We are obliged to identify and comply with all existing environmental employment protection laws and regulations. Machines, products, emissions and disposal of waste will be managed on our own responsibility. Every measure which is identified as necessary will be taken of our own accord even without legal obligation or official order.​