Questions & Answers

Following we have resumed and answered the most frequented questions. If you have any further question which is not answered here, please don't hesitate to contact us.
When should I apply?
In general, the training or apprenticeship at VULKAN commences in August each year. Therefore, it is best for you to apply between summer and autumn of the previous year.

What does the application process look like?
The test for suitability or aptitude is conducted after receiving your application. If you pass the test, you have the opportunity of getting to know us in a personal interview.

How long is the probation period?
The probation period is 3 months.

Will I be prepared internally for the examinations?
Yes, you will have the opportunity of attending an internal factory course once a week. In case of school-related problems or issues, you have a contact person at your disposal who would be pleased to assist you.

What are the development options available to me after completing my training or apprenticeship?
You may attend both our in-house academy and even external advanced training courses depending on the need and your job responsibilities.

What should I take note of when applying?
The "Checklist" tab provides all important information that you need to take note of while preparing your application.

Will I need to wear special work clothes?
Our cutting machine operators wear protective gear such as overalls or occupational safety boots for the purpose of ensuring safety.

Who is my contact person in the training division?
Ms. Canan Yerebakmaz is the contact person for the commercial training courses:
Tel.: 02325 – 922-497, e-mail:
Meanwhile, your contact person for the industrial training courses is Mr. Thomas Riemann:
Tel.: 02325 – 922-123, e-mail: