Industrial Manager
Ausbildung Industriekauffrau - Erfahrung     

Hello, my name is Sema Öztürk and I’m 19 years old. I am currently in my second year of training as an industrial manager at VULKAN Lokring Rohrverbindungen GmbH und Co.KG.

Finding the right apprenticeship was quite a challenge for me, as I had no clear idea what career path I wanted to follow. I therefore started looking into the various options on offer, even before going into my final year at school.

I was attracted to the idea of a career as an industrial manager because of the opportunities this would open up within both large and smaller companies, and across all commercial sectors. It would also provide the possibility for further training and specialisation in a number of different directions. I applied to VULKAN as it was a large company and close to where I live.

By the time I had completed the application process, aptitude test and the interview, I knew that VULKAN was the right company for me - especially given its size and the wide range of different disciplines it offers. I see the benefits of this on a daily basis during my training.

I get to deal with different issues every day and this is helping to prepare me for working independently in the future. And of course there are always plenty of colleagues around to provide help or talk through any issues I may have. The best thing about working here that it isn’t just a boring office job, I am regularly involved in the production side of things. My apprenticeship offers a lot of variety and I get to work in many different departments.

Starting out in purchasing, I was involved in comparing price and quality of goods, and contacting and placing orders with suppliers. I then got to see the other side of the business by working in order management. I was able to take on the role of supplier, dealing with national and international customers, taking and processing orders and dispatching deliveries.

I also spent a good deal of time in the factory, which gave me the opportunity to see the production operation at first hand.
I acquire much of the knowledge I need for my apprenticeship at the vocational college I attend. The days I spend there are extremely varied and alternate with on-the-job training in the company. My college studies provide me with essential theoretical knowledge, which combines with and complements the practical work I do. This means I am gaining a wide range of specialist skills and competencies.

Another important benefit of my apprenticeship is that we have the chance to attend the company’s in-house academy every week, where we can meet with both our trainer and the other trainees, develop or revise our college work, and deal with any administrative issues.

I learned a great deal during my first year as a trainee industrial manager at VULKAN, and I am optimistic that my experience here will continue to set me in good stead for my future career.


Cutting Machine Operator


trainee machining mechanic 

My name is Dennis Prietzel and I'm 22 years old. On 1st August 2011, I started training as a machining mechanic at the company VULKAN Kupplungs- und Getriebebau GmbH & Co. KG. I am currently at the end of my fourth year of training. At the moment there are six of us trainees at the Herne site, training to be machining mechanics.

In the first year of training you learn the foundations of metalwork. This takes place in cooperation with ThyssenKrupp in Bochum. This includes learning how drawings and parts lists are created and read, filing, sawing and drilling, and the proper usage and maintenance of machines.

In the second year the actual machining work begins. Here, you learn to work with conventional lathes and milling machines whilst observing tolerances, and how to choose the appropriate tools and clamping devices - these align the parts being worked on and tension them correctly. At the end of the second year of training, you sit the first of two tests. 

In the third and fourth year of training, things relating to this specialist discipline are taught. A machining mechanic being trained in the field of turning learns all about how to monitor and use CNC-controlled lathes, how to set up the machines for the manufacturing process, how to adjust them, and how to carry out quality checks.

During the training at VULKAN, you are introduced to a wide range of departments in the company, which makes the training very varied and means that you get to know your colleagues and the products much better. Throughout the training you attend classes at the Technischen Berufsschule [technical vocational college] 1 in Bochum. Usually you have a day or two of college per week, depending on which year of training you are currently in.

If I had any difficulties at college, my colleagues were always there to support me, and always happy to help. In addition, you take part in training courses for CNC programming and are well prepared for the mid-term and the final exam.

To conclude, I am glad that I decided to do this training. It is a challenging and varied training course, which brings with it great opportunities for further education. If you are interested, you need to have good results in your school-leaving exams, and be competent in subjects such as Maths and Physics.