Don't forget anything when applying!

Here you can find a checklist with the most important steps on your way to an excellent application. To be sure, that you considered every fundamental aspect while generating yo application, get through this checklist before you forward it.


Have I...

  • obtained adequate information about the job and the activity?
  • sufficient information about the company and its products?
  • got the correct name of the contact person at the company?



CV (Curriculum Vitae)
Have I...

  • provided the following information in the CV?
    Personal information (surname, first name, date of birth, place of birth, address, etc)
  • inserted information on my school education and courses completed and passed?
  • attached information on my practical training (apprenticeship), holiday jobs and voluntary activities?
  • placed information on hobbies and any special knowledge or skills?
  • inserted the date and signed the CV?
  • enclosed a photograph along with the CV (a good quality photo)?


Have I...

  • used the correct address of the company?
  • designed the external appearance of the cover letter to be attractive and appealing and have I signed the cover letter?
  • provided my response to the queries:  How was my attention drawn to the advertisement? What have I done so far? Why am I the right candidate for the training post available


Have I...

  • enclosed all certificates covering my educational background (school certificates, educational certificates, etc.)?
  • placed the latest school certificate at the very top?
  • enclosed copies of attestations, for example, those pertaining to practical training, holiday jobs and voluntary activities?



Have I...

  • used a good-quality folder?
  • sorted the sheets pertaining to the application in the correct order?  
  • avoided double-sided printing?



VULKAN Couplings Checklist 

To be perfectly prepared, you can also download the checklist.