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In Germany, the foundation stone was laid for what VULKAN is today: a leading company active around the world. The company VULKAN in Herne is one of the 5 production sites for the 3 divisions Couplings, Drive Tech and Lokring.

The Division Drive Tech is a leading global supplier of flexible couplings, rigid couplings, industrial clutches and brakes, shaft systems, backstops and resilient mounts for the industrial market. VULKAN Drive Tech offers a broad product portfolio for high-performance applications in the mining, oil & gas and iron & steel industry as well as material handling and power generation.

In Herne/Germany experts develop, calculate, design, produce and test the couplings and mounts, which are used worldwide under the toughest conditions. In addition, VULKAN Drive Tech in Germany creates extensive torsional vibration calculations for worldwide orders and conducts extensive tests and trials in the well-equipped test center. VULKAN Drive Tech products stand for a safe, reliable and comfortable operation of industrial facilities. To ensure this, the VULKAN test center has a unique test facility with numerous test rigs for various operating states.

In the own vulcanization our customer requirements are developed in accordance with the elastomer compounds that significantly determine the characteristics and the resilience of highly flexible couplings. Thanks to our own production and vulcanization on site, the customer receives a perfectly matched product from one source.

VULKAN Deutschland employs approximately 500 dedicated members of staff.



VULKAN Kupplungs- und Getriebebau Bernhard Hackforth GmbH & Co. KG
Heerstraße 66
44653 Herne
+ 49 23 25 922-0
+ 49 23 25 71110

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With 18 subsidiary companies and 50 agencies worldwide, we make VULKAN expertise available on site everywhere. For our customers this means that our specialists and the matching solutions are quickly available right where they are needed. To see all locations of VULKAN Distributors and Partners download our Sales & Service Brochure.

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