VULKAN Drive Tech After Sales Service

After Sales Services

With 17 wholly-owned subsidiaries and more than 30 offices worldwide

we are ready to support our clients from the enquiry stage right through to the delivery of the products. Furthermore, our services continue beyond the sales of the products with the following services.

In cases of emergency our 24/7 after sales service is always available under +49 (0) 178 922 179 to find solutions for any problems.


Product Inspection & Supervision During inspections we examine our products with the aim of adequately assessing their current condition and informing the customer on this matter.

VULKAN Inspection 
VULKAN Services On site 
VULKAN Services Inspection 

All measures and findings that arise during the inspection process - including the procedures used - are recorded in a report that is handed over to the customer. To ensure the optimal performances of our products and drive line, inspections should be performed on a regular basis. Ageing processes, harsh environmental conditions and shock loads are major variables that have an influence on the performance and lifetime of products. The continuous monitoring of the status of products allows for the early scheduling of any necessary maintenance work to the drive line, which in turn ensures the highest possible system availability on a cost-efficient basis.


Maintenance We carry out maintenance work programmes based on the findings of our inspections.

Depending on the product and its condition, certain damage can be fixed on-site by our qualified technicians, or alternatively the product could be overhauled in our workshop with it being temporarily substituted on-site.


Troubleshooting When any abnormal wearing of the products is detected, we carry out a detailed analysis

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of the driveline (including vibration measurements when necessary) to investigate possible causes such as torsional vibrations in the drive train, overload due to improper operating conditions or unusual events such as the incorrect installation of the product or excessive misalignment of the machinery.

In addition to on-site investigations, our service engineers can rely upon the expertise of our in-house production, test

VULKAN Service vibration measurement

facilities and the calculations of our technical departments to solve almost any problem.

Following every measurement, you will receive a detailed report that not only includes an analysis and description of the source of the problem, but also our recommendations, which, if implemented, will help to avoid the same problem recurring in the future.




Spare Parts Thanks to our global parts network system, we are able to supply the necessary spare parts immediately wherever they are needed on-site.

  VULKAN Service Spare-Parts

The replacement of the corresponding parts can then be carried out by the customer or us. 
Dedicated personnel are at your disposal to help you identify the spare parts required, as well as supply maintenance manuals and procedures.
Furthermore, qualified technicians are available to either perform or supervise the replacement of parts.