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Highly Flexible Couplings - VULASTIK L

Nominal Torque Range
0.50 – 50.00 kNm

Rigidly mounted and bell housing engines such as compressors and fans

The VULASTIK L coupling is an axial pluggable highly flexible coupling developed for a variety of different applications. Four rubber qualities and silicone are available in order to tune the coupling to the various system requirements. VULASTIK L couplings are available with one elastic element in standard design or as dual execution with two parallel elements. The main parts of the VULASTIK L coupling are the hub and a flanged casing.Between these, the disc-shaped element is arranged. This disc element is vulcanized at its inner radius, the outer radius is connected to the flanged casing by a plug-in toothing. This toothing provides the axial plug-in feature and compensation of shaft displacements.


  • Maximum flexibility is provided by different coupling designs for installation in bell-type housings or free-standing installations, designed with single or dual arrangement of natural rubber or silicone
  • There is an extremely compact design for more efficient engines with high power density
  • This spline enables axial engagement with ease of assembly
  • Integrated supporting rings protect the spline against slipping through or developing cracks in the gearing teeth


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