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Highly Flexible Couplings - RATO R

Nominal Torque Range
15.50 – 337.50 kNm

Rigidly or flexible mounted engines such as compressors or pumps in a high torque range

Complementary to the all-round RATO S coupling the highly flexible RATO R coupling has been specially designed for use in installations requiring a high level of torsional flexibility and misalignment capacity. Inherent features of the design include the high dynamic load capacity and good rotational dynamic properties due to the low rotating inertias. The area of application is primarily in compressors or pump drive systems by a Diesel engine or electric motor. In the low to middle torque range where the handling and installation of a complete element is practicable the RATO R coupling is an additional alternative.


  • Various torsional rigidities and element designs ensure excellent coordination of the torsional vibration and therefore availability of the drive system
  • Soft circular diaphragms provide effective protection for the shaft bearing with axial vibration decoupling
  • Excellent noise damping characteristics by avoiding direct metallic contact


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