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Highly Flexible Couplings - RATO DS+

Torque range
27.50 kNm – 137.50 kNm

Rigidly or flexible mounted engines such as compressors or pumps in a high torque range

The highly flexible RATO DS+ coupling has been specially designed for the use in installations requiring a high level of torsional flexibility and medium level of misalignment apacity. The ACOTEC Coupling of VULKAN Drive Tech has been developed to offer an applicationoriented coupling design especially for compressor drive systems. The development of the new RATO DS+ was primarily focused on the on the centrepiece of the coupling: the elastomer. Innovative research on compounds and highly specialised vulcanisation technology facilitated the development of an elastomer with considerably higher power density. The ACOTEC compound characterises itself in comparison to other conventionally used materials not only with the enhanced tensile strength and tear strength and increased ultimate elongation, but also with a high thermal resistance and lesser ageing effects


  • High-performance elastomer permits the use of a smaller size and offers a commercial benefit in this way
  • It is possible to provide a safety device against racing to protect the drive system
  • Torsional stiffness that is available enables favourable coordination of the steady-state and transient response to torsional vibrations
  • Substantial savings in weight enhances the efficiency of the drive system and thus reduces the operating costs
  • Maximum flexibility for the solution and a range of special designs


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