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Electrohydraulic drum brake

Brakes - Electrohydraulic drum brake

Nominal Braking Torque Range
120 Nm – 7000 Nm

Product Key Facts
Product Description
Disc or drum fail-safe brake with spring applied braking and electrohydraulic releasing. Designed according to DIN 15430, they are available with a wide range of accessories including brake status sensors, pads wearing sensor and an automatic pads wearing compensation system.

Service and parking brakes for high speed shaft applications, such as belt conveyors, cranes, etc.


  • Fail-safe brake
  • Easy and fast installation on site
  • Compliance to DIN 15430 Standard

Tailor-made solutions

  • Left and right installation versions
  • Brake and pads status monitoring available
  • Braking torque tuning capacity


  • Available in either disc or drum configuration
  • Modular design to fit different thrusters  into the same caliper
  • Automatic lining wear compensation system


Technical data