VULKAN DRIVE TECH special applications

Test benches

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Engine/motor test benches are used in the Research and Development of engines/motors, as well as for end-of-line inspection in manufacturing or for the repair of engines/motors. The requirements of modern test benches for electrical motors, hydraulic or combustion engines are constantly becoming more demanding.
Motors or engines are becoming increasingly lightweight but also more powerful on account of weight reduction. In addition, the statutory specifications for reduction in the CO2-emission of combustion motors are posing new challenges to developers of motors and engines and are increasing the need for additional testing capacities. The users of highly flexible couplings in motor or engine test benches are demanding a large degree of flexibility of modern test bench drives, a high level of reliability and shorter shutdown time periods.
This is achieved by simple, robust and automated plug-in systems between the engine/motor and the highly flexible coupling. The setup times for the motors are reduced to a minimum and the test capacities available are enhanced substantially. For the motor or engine test bench this means that the plug-in or flange-fitted highly flexible coupling on the one hand experiences really diverse load spectra, while on the other hand it is customised to the specific needs of the engine/motor and test requirements by the appropriate adjustment of the stiffness and weight. The in-house test center at VULKAN in Herne provides a broad-based range of information on experience and background in terms of mutual engineering support.

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