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Hydro & Wind Generators - PNEUMATIC DISC BRAKE

Nominal Braking Torque Range
20 Nm - 27920 Nm

Product Key Facts
Product Description
Fail-safe and positive brakes, which are available with either a diaphragm or piston thruster and a wide range of accessories including a brake status sensor, pads with worn out sensor and pneumatic control panel to adjust the proportional braking torque.

Service, parking and emergency brakes for either high speed shaft or low speed shaft applications requiring proportional braking and high displacement of the braking disc.


  • Fail-safe brake
  • Precise brake control
  • Automatic adjustment to counter friction block wear

Tailor-made solutions

  • Wide range of controllers and control panels
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Pressure cylinder can be mounted on the left or right


  • Different pressure cylinders are available
  • Designed for different degrees of thickness of brake disks
  • Complete brake system with monitoring sensors, controllers, brakes, discs and interconnections is available


Technical data