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Power generation by means of wind turbines, hydro turbines and steam turbines requires drive solutions that are capable of withstanding high dynamic torque load and relatively low rotational speed, together with large masses and inertias to be controlled. Furthermore, the complexity of the machinery requires a high level of customization of the drive components. VULKAN DriveTech responds to such requirements with high-quality hydraulic activated brakes, typically installed on the high speed rotor shaft of wind turbines, or onto the yawing system of wind turbine nacelles. 
Hydraulic & pneumatic activated brakes are installed into hydro turbines to either stop them during normal operations or to jack the turbines during servicing. Torsional rigid couplings, such as gear couplings or disc couplings, are then used to compensate dynamic misalignment into the drivetrain; while resilient mounts complete the products portfolio available for this market segment.



Hydro & Wind Generators
Hydro & Wind Generators

On shore and off shore wind turbines require the installation of high speed shaft rotor brakes, whose function is primarily to stop the residual rotor spinning, after the main stopping function is...more