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Pumps and Fans

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Both centrifugal and reciprocating pumps and axial and centrifugal fans are predominantly used in the oil & gas industry to either transport liquid, semi liquid or solid goods, or to control specific environment conditions such as exhaust, cooling or air ventilation.

Prime movers for these applications might be electric motors, diesel engines or turbines, with each one setting specific requirements in terms of power transmission components. Such requirements include variable speed, torsional vibrations transmission, misalignment between the prime mover and the driven machinery, shock loads, extreme environmental conditions, heavy duty profile etc. Furthermore, depending on the application, compliance to different international standards, such as ATEX or API, might be requested.

Resilient mounts For Structural Borne Noise Isolation
Service & Parking Brakes Service & Parking Brakes.....
Torsional flexible couplings For High Speed Shaft Application with Electric motor as prime mover
Torsional flexible couplings For High Speed Shaft Application with Diesel engine as prime mover
Torsional rigid coupling For high Speed Shaft Application