VULKAN Drive Tech industrial drives

Compressors and Blowers

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Large and powerful compressors with a high level of efficiency, long service life and a high degree of reliability are used in the oil and gas industry, chemical industry and in special industrial application.
In general, the requirements of the drive are met either by a powerful electric motor, which is connected with the compressor via a coupling or by a combustion or gas-powered engine, which is coupled to the compressor via a coupling and gearbox. This is independent of whether the compressor is a reciprocating one, a screw-type one or a rotary compressor. The most important functions of the coupling are: Balancing the offset between the prime mover and the machine that is being driven, torque transmission and minimisation of torsional vibrations.

Resilient mounts for Structural Borne Noise Isolation
Torsional flexible couplings for Low Speed Shaft Application, or High Speed Shaft applications with Diesel engine as prime mover
Torsional rigid coupling for high Speed Shaft Application