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Belt Conveyors, Stackers and Reclaimers - DENFLEX

Nominal Torque Range
1000 Nm - 560000 Nm

Rotational Speed
1200 RPM - 8000 RPM

Product Key Facts

Product Description
Torsional rigid coupling, the flexibility of which is guaranteed by crowned gear teeth profile

High Speed shaft - low speed shaft of machinery requiring synchronous transmission of high torque values


  • High torque transmission within limited dimensions
  • Long lasting working condition between service operations
  • High axial misalignment capacity

Tailor-made solutions

  • More than 30 different configurations are available
  • Possibility of integrating braking discs or pulleys within the coupling


  • High torque transmission version (+30%) available on request
  • High axial misalignment capacity with minimised reaction forces to the connected machinery
  • Synchronous torque Transmission


Technical data