VULKAN DRIVE TECH iron and steel
​Iron & Steel Industry

Continuous ingot castings and hot & cold laminating machinery, hot metal transfer cars & tundish cranes are typical examples of steelwork equipment, whose drives are subjected to heavy duty operational service and harsh environments characterized by high temperatures, dust, and chemicals. Operational safety and reliability of the drive components and minimum service downtime are the main requirements each power transmission component must fulfil. 
With over 20 years of experience in this field, VULKAN Drive Tech developed a specific endurance testing protocol for its products in the Iron & Steel industry, to become synonymous with reliability.



Casting & Lamination Machinery
Casting & Lamination Machinery

Reheating furnaces, hot & cold rolling tables, coilers machines and tundish cranes are where VULKAN Drive Tech products are typically installed.Torsional flexible and rigid couplings must support...more